Dear colleagues in FIS

In connection with the coming FIS Conference in Moscow (May 2013) permit me
to introduce myself as a geographer looking to combine information from
natural and social sciences on the Earth envelop where peoples of different
cultures live and change their physical environments.

Vladimir V. Annenkov born June 3, 1936 in Moscow

Teacher in Geography 1958, Moscow Pedagogical Institute, PhD geographical
sciences 1975 - Institute of Geography USSR Academy of Sciences

Selected publications:
International Cooperation of Geograpers, Moscow 1984 (co-editor & author);
The Art and Science of Geography: US and Soviet Perspectives,
Boulder-Oxford, Westview Press 1992 (co-editor and author); Noosphere
genesis: Content, periods, and contradictions. Soviet Geography, 31 (1990):
24-34; Problems and approaches in historical geography of global
environmental change. GeoJournal, 1990, 20(2): 101-106; Organization
espacial de la supervivencia humana a multiples niveles // Revista
Internacional de Ciencias Sociales (UNESCO) 130 (1991) p.735-743

Fields of interest:
historical geography of Noosphere, history and philosophy of science and
learning, Internet for education,  information science.

Scholarly activities:
General research in Historical Geography, information flows in Noosphere;
former Chair of the IGU Commission in Historical Geography of Global
Change, Secretary of the IGU Congress (1976) and Regional Conference (1995)
in Moscow; admin of several net communities at

Academic positions: retired in January 2013

Address:;; skype: annenkovvv

Best wishes to new friends

Vladimir (or simply, VV)
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