Dear FISers, 
The MGS (Meaning Generator System) has been presented several times in this 

You remember that it is about a system submitted to an internal constraint that 
generates a meaning to satisfy the constraint.

This note is to let you know that there will be at TSC2014 a poster using the
MGS for animals and humans. 

The poster is about an evolution of self-consciousness from pre-human primates
to humans where the MGS is used for the build up of meaningful representations 
(the poster is presented in the attachment).
Evolution of meaningful information, of inter-subjectivity and of anxiety 
management play key roles in the proposed scenario where evolutionary 
advantages come more from the scenario than from self-consciousness. 

If some of you come to
TSC 2014, I’ll be happy to talk on all that with you.  

(The attachment has also been posted in  Academia Edu:

All the best



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