dear fisers,

just a note to remind you that there is still time (until 17 november 2015) for 
suggesting topics and organised events for the summit 2015. the suggestions i 
reveived so far from you can be counted with the fingers of one hand. 

have a look at and see the progress we are making. 

the formats of the proposed events are endless: you can suggest somebody for a 
keynote, a discussion between 2 experts, a podium/round table, a workshop, a 
paper session with a call for papers or invited papers etc.; the topics might 
touch any field dealt with so far in the discussion list or a new one. we can 
use the summit as opportunity to have face-to-face discussions. 

you can use the fis-list to prepare your proposal with other fisers as our 
friend javorszky did. 

looking forward to your suggestions,


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