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Dear Pedro, Joseph, John, Krassimir, Rafael, and All,

Here I tell you some interesting stories about “It from Bit” in China.

Around the year of 2000, The Seminar of Interdisciplinary Information
Science of Peking University came into contact for the first time with
Wheeler’s “It from Bit”, in fact, earlier this theory, we had just
discussed Stonier’s “Information Physics” and had consulted with the
Dean of Physics School, his opinion was: The concept ENTROPY is enough
to physics, it is unnecessary to blunder in the fashion of information
for physicists. Of course, that was over fifteen years ago.

We afterwards had been tracking this information problem in Science of
China History; So far, we found there are at least four doctrines
related to “It from Bit”.

1. It from Taiji. Zhou Wenwang (Ji Chang), see his book: “The Book of
Changes” (Yijing or Zhouyi), B.C. 1050;
2. It from Dao. Laozi. see his book: “Tao Te Ching” (Daodejing), B.C. 500;
3. The world is composed of information. Xinxi Shen, see his book:
“Informatilism”, 2005;
4. The world is informational. Jianghuo Wang, see his book: “Unified
Information Theory”, 2012.

To my knowledge, the last two authors had not contacted Wheeler’s “It
from Bit”, that Ji Chang and Laozi had no contacted with it is very obvious.

In all his lifetime, Wheeler once visited China only one time in 1981,
when he stayed in China, he watched a Beijing Opera named “Feng Ming Qi
Shan”. When a general hold a flag on which a large Chinese word
appeared, he asked the accompany that what is the meaning of that word,
they told him its meaning is NOTHING, he said excitedly: The answer what
I am looking for desperately all my life about the physical reality,
your ancestors had originally given thousands years ago. (see his book:
“Wheeler’s Lectures on Physics and Austerity”, 1982).

So far, on the argument of “It from Bit”, we can not prove it is
correct, but can not prove it is wrong too.

Best wishes,

16:18, June 16, 2015
Peking University

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