Dear Krassimir,

Improvements are done if there is a need to do so, innovations come about
as a result of creativity, not as answers to an existing need, but as
voluntary exertions that satisfy curiosity.

Taking your example of having enumerated all signals (phonemes, letters,
words), the non-necessary innovation would be to create a parallel
enumeration of all signals (say, in Hungarian, alongside your existing
Bulgarian catalogue) and observe the priority (linear position) of the
signal in the respective repertoire. (Say: {water, air, sun, mother, eat,
…} are enumerated in (BG, HU) on positions {(3,6), (2,5), (7,7), (1,8),…}.)

These ((3,6),(2,5),…) are x,y coordinates on a plane of which the axes are:
Table: “Priorities of concepts in Bulgarian and Hungarian”, Axe x: BG, Axe
y: HU. If one would play a few minutes with his or her computer, one would
see the points of the plane.

Finding that some of the pairs are members of a cycle (that is a polygon of
which the corners are the (x,y) coordinates of those elements that change
places with each other in a general enumeration of concepts (BGHU or HUBG))
one would connect the corners of the polygons with lines, differently
coloured lines for each cycle, and maybe find pleasure in discovering the
concepts of consistent enumerations.

Seduction happens when the person to be seduced sees *no need* to do that
what the seducer wants him to do. The seducer must necessarily paint
charming pictures about the future of the seducee, if only that would do
that what the seducer invites him to do.

My sweet honey learned and respected friends, you will all be very much
entertained and gain many rewards and gratulations if you take the trouble
and think this through, and get familiar with talking in terms of logical
compromises (from tautology to instability) and discontinuities. This
because it is actually so that the arithmetic rules of reordering impose
threads and filaments in space, as simple implicit corollaries of *a+b=c*.
If a collection can be ordered in different ways, it is reasonable to speak
about the most probable intermediate state that collection is in. There is
no need to do so, but ….


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