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My name - Emanuel - in a literal translation means "God with us". 

Despite of that, for the purpose of our current discussion, I would like to

The external observer, which provide us with the needed semantic information
used (as a reference) for physical information interpretation, at the very
beginning was: or the Nature itself, or (more specific) the natural
evolution, or (even more specific) the natural selection.

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I know him: his name is God, the meta-observer + meta-actor at the same

Correct, Bruno?



best, Plamen


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Dear Pedro, Koichiro, and colleagues,


At the level of observers, indeed, a hierarchy may be involved for the
change of focus (although this is empirical  and not necessarily the case).
The communication, however, as a system different from the communicators may
contain mechanisms such as "translation" which make it possible to redirect.


Best, Loet





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