Dear FISers, 

Welcome, Dataism!

Apart from the suggested "metaphysical" and sociological implications, Dataism, born officially in 2013, provides novel tools and opportunities to an otherwise frustrating landscape.  

Indeed, despite the progresses in the very last years, we do not have still the weapons to crack the codes of the life, the brain, the quantum dynamics.  Welcome, therefore, to the novel weapons!

So that, I hope, scientists will stop discuss about the (scientifically) useless accounts of Plato, Aristotle, Peirce, Wittgenstein, Maturana, Quine, and so on. Tha ancients are not better, nor wiser, than ourselves. They deserve our respect, but not our faith, because, thinking well, they, due to their lack of scientifical knowledge, said, among a few wise things, a lot of bollocks.  

I hope, simply, in fresh tools that could be able to improve our scientific ability to discover novelties.  

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