Hello fellow fish fans! I am ridiculous_fish, and I come bearing lungfuls of 
new life!

Over the past year, I and my partner Siteshwar have been working on a fish 
fork. We've been modernizing fish's codebase, while adding some truly 
compelling features and improving performance. We've been living on this fork 
for months, and we think it's _awesome_. Compared to stock fish, our branch is 
noticeably faster and easier to maintain, and its new features have ruined me 
for all other shells. bash now tastes like cardboard.

Our fork is now in Open Beta, and we'd like to invite you to try it out! We are 
interested in feedback and bug reports.

We'd also like to start a discussion about our changes and whether/how to 
incorporate them into fish trunk (which we would very much like to do). Our 
changes are transformative and impact nearly every aspect of fish's code base, 
so it is not to be undertaken lightly. But our changes are also very compelling 
from the perspectives of both users and maintainers, and our months of 
living-on have given us a lot of confidence in them. Our branch is not only the 
best fish ever made; we think it's the best POSIX command line shell, period.

Here's how to get it!

  Main page: http://ridiculousfish.com/shell/
  Open beta page: http://ridiculousfish.com/shell/beta.html
  Release notes: http://ridiculousfish.com/shell/release_notes.html
  Gitorious page: https://gitorious.org/~ridiculousfish/fish-shell/fishfish

The relevant git branch is fish_fish.

Please share your thoughts, reactions, rants, raves, and bug reports on this 
list. If all goes well, we'll announce the Open Beta more widely in the 
upcoming week.

A few teaser improvements (for a longer list, see the Release Notes above):

- Autosuggestions (think URL fields in browsers)
- 256 color support
- Web-based configuration
- Syntax highlighting is now multithreaded, so it doesn't cause stuttering 
typing on slow disks / filesystems
- Overall performance is way better
- It's all in (sane) C++. No more string_buffer_t, array_list_t, or 
hash_table_t, and no more halloc!

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