Hello all, 

i think my prob is in my php, but i'm uploading a file to the server, 
everything goes aok as far as flash is concerned, onProgress and onComplete 
both fire away happily.

but the file he no end up on server :(

why would flash say everything is cool and the file not end up there? 

the only slightly funky thing i'm doing is passing a filename to the upload php 
page for it to use when it moves the file from the browser temp to the server. 
like so....

if ($_FILES['Filedata']['name']) {
   $uploadDir = "../images/homepage";
   $uploadFile = $uploadDir . $_REQUEST['fileName'];
   $uploaded = move_uploaded_file($_FILES['Filedata']['tmp_name'], $uploadFile);
   echo $uploaded;

any ideas???

i have an urgent deadline approaching fast, and this is the last little thing i 
need to complete :(


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