hqx are not macintosh projectors per se, they are the encoded versions of Macintosh (including the rsrc fork) projectors that _can_ be copied around
Hm… you're right.
.hqx is binhex encoded file (something like uuencode)

BTW I've made a confusion.
I meant : Is it possible to give a resource fork back to a projector that loose it ?

For ex, someone put a mac projector in a zip file.
How is it possible to make it launchable again as an application ?

Here is an example of the issue.
Grab the huge archive there (very interesting stuff from Etienne Mineur): http://www.my-os.net/blog/index.php?2005/08/29/107-issey-miyake- nouveau-site
Could some mac user open the projector file ?
Not /me.

Any idea ?
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