Loading XML in the HTML Embed Tag
  What I am doing: 
  I have a dynamic MP3 player that I need to play a single MP3 per swf. I need 
to load XML file from a link in the html embed tag, this way I can use the same 
player for different XML files that call out each MP3 from dynamic locations.
  How it works now: 
  Right now I am loading the XML with the path coded into an action script file.
  // playlist variables
              private var playlistURL:String = "playlist.xml";
              private var playlistObj:jwPlaylist;
              private var playlistArray:Array;
  What I need help with: 
  I need to create a flashvar that will load in the XML dynamically from a link 
in the Embed tag. 
  How do I get the action script to detect and load the variable in the Embed 
  I am looking for the code that you put in the ebed tag and the code that 
accepts it in the actionscript file. 
  I just need a small push in the right direction. 

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