I have a very simple need, and I'm trying to find the simplest way to satisfy it. I have essentially a single remote shared object on a comm server that is getting entirely too much traffic and I want to offload it to some other kind of server (that doesn't have connection limits). It is basically a "client state" object that keeps a very small amount of data about each client that is connected to the app (mainly their connection object and an id) so that data can be pushed to them. But it's expensive doing this on Comm Server.

I basically just want to offload that one piece to some remoting server that is fast and has no connection limits. It needs to run on Windows, it would be nice if it could connect to my database servers, and it needs to be lightweight and fast. I don't mind paying for it (the FDS2 price tag isn't a problem), as long as it has good support. The servers I'm looking at now are FDS2 and Oregano. I get resistance to the OSS direction, but can work around it if the product is solid. My main concern about FDS is that it's way overkill for what I need to do.

   What server should I be looking at for this?

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