No Java unforunately.
I have the plugs for eclipse.  they seem to work well.  I just have my
projects setup all wrong.  using import doesn't
work.  AND in the projects folder on the left i don't just see code files, I
see the .fla's the .swf's etc.  so I know i have something wrong here...


osflash isn't very helpful.  i tried, but it doesn't go through and show you
how to setup a project.


On 7/15/06, Ed Staub <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Flash Mel,

I'm maybe one step ahead of you here. I was watching the responses, hoping
to learn something.
No such luck.

It looks to me like you probably come from a Java background - yes?

Here's what I THINK is true - hopefully this will provoke someone to
me who knows more.  Take everything here with a grain of salt.

1.) The best Flash debugger for normal development is, unfortunately,
Macromedia's.  There are none in the Eclipse plug-ins.

2.) For unit testing, the most-recommended component seems to be
As2Unit.  I
haven't tried it.  It's only available in compiled form, which gives me
pause.  This seems to be the most-recommended package, but there are many
others.  One that appears to have quite a bit of momentum is AsUnit
( - I'd definitely check it out.  If you find something
you like, please drop me a line.

3.) I didn't see which plug-in you're using.  I tried FDT, since several
sites will tell you it's the best plug-in for AS development, but have a

a. It's a commercial product - they want around $250 for it.  There's a
30-day trial
b. Nothing's been updated since last fall.
c. It has a problem with F8 library organization - it doesn't support the
automatic switch-in of F8 or F7 depending on context.
d. The web site is slow to the point of unusability - I think it is
e. Email bounces
f. Given the state of the website, I'd be scared to death to try to pay by
credit card there.

Based on all this, I switched to FlashDevelop (not Eclipse at all - it's
.NET, in fact!).  So far, so good - it's fast, slick, intuitive, and there
appears to be quite a bit of developer momentum in plugins, etc.

In trying to find out what's going on, keep a close eye on WHEN something
was recommended.  What was best a year ago often isn't the best now.

The site that seems most relevant to your questions wasn't on the list
another responder sent earlier.

Good luck,

-Ed Staub

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