Does anybody have code to detect users bandwidth on VitalStream? I'm using
the custom player source provided by vitalstream but it only works with
single bitrate streams. When I try to use a multi bitrate stream as the
sname parameter in the m_XMLURI string the player fails. Looking through the
source code I found some clues as to why it is not working, but don't have a
lot of time to debug the code and find the solution. I've been working with
VitalStream support on this and they are no help at all. They sent me links
to an irrelevent adobe tutorial as their solution.

Here is a fragment of code from that player that hints about bandwith
detection but also says it is not used?!!?

//the server calls this object to continue (auto bandwidth detection is
                this["nc"+i].onBWDone = function(p_bw) {
                        trace("onBWDone: "+p_bw);
                        //we pass the successful netConnection and the
calculated bandwidth speed to
                        // the onconnected function to continue
              , p_bw);
                m_payload = 0;
                //this function is not currently used; it is for checking
bandwidth speed
                // initiated by the server
                this["nc"+i].onBWCheck = function() {
                        trace("onBWCheck returning:

So my question is: Does anybody have a working (multi-bitrate streams)
example of a video player for the VitalStream content delivery system? They
have players that work with multi-bitrate streams in .swf format but do not
release the flv source for those players. 

Any help would be appreciated. A working .fla example would be priceless!


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