Thanks Bob!
Appreciate your time.
Have a great day.

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Hi Vlado,

It looks like your button is probably on the timeline rather than make
instantiated with code. Make sure your button exists before you do the
addEventListener() on frame 25. Also, do you maybe have a key frame in the
button layer at frame 65? If so, each key frame creates a new instance of
the button and any properties of the new instance will have the default
values until you reset them. To avoid the problem you described, just remove
the key frames and give your button a continuous, uninterrupted layer for
the whole length of the time line that you need it.


Bob Leisle

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Timeline problem:

As soon as my "pauseTimeline" function is called on frame 65, my button
"infoONEbtn doesn't register on frame 65.
And after frame 65, my button doesn't work unless I call the
addEventlistener again on frame 66.
Is there a way around this??

I have this code on frame 10

function pauseTimeline(howLong:Number):void {
var t:Timer = new Timer (howLong, 1);
function(evt:TimerEvent):void {

then this code on frame 25

infoONEbtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, infoONESCENE);

function infoONESCENE(evt:MouseEvent) {


this code on frame 65


Thankyou for bothering with my simple problems.

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