I am running into a small issue, everything is working correctly in my
application except for the Font sharing between SWFs. If I embed the font in
all the SWFs everything works as expected but of course this is not what I
need since it will add weight to other SWFs and defeat the purpose of using
a SWF as a "library".

This seems to be similar to the AS2 issue where you had to embed the
components in all the child SWFs that needed the components when using it
accross files.

Here is some code:

            var fontItem     = Utils.getFontFromLibrary ( DATA.library,
"FontFace" );
            trace(fontItem); // output : [class FontFace]

            iFont = new fontItem() as Font ;
            trace(iFont); // output : [object FontFace]

.... later in the application:

           font.fontName // output : Frutiger 55 Roman

Any suggestions?

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