Hi there,

I have a newbie question for you. I posted this to the newbie list and
recieved no response. I am wondering if it might be too advanced for
that  list. For those of you who are on both lists, please excuse the
double post.

I have a pop-up box that I am loading as an external swf, using the
following code:

function displayHotword(evt:Event):void {
        trace("in function");
        var i =new Loader();
        i.load(new URLRequest("hotword.swf"));
        i.scaleX = 1;
        i.scaleY = 1;
        i.x = 100;
        i.y = 150
btClassified.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, displayHotword);

I am not sure how to unload the movie. I am also not sure on how to
control the movie when it is on the screen. In AS2, I always used a
movie holder so I had an instance... with this method, I don't know what
the movie instance would be.  

Right now to close the loaded SWF, I am using following code within the
loaded swf file.

function closeHotword(evt:Event):void {
btClose.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, closeHotword);

And simply making it invisible from the swf file.

I am wondering if there is a better way to do this?  It seems like this
would cause some memory issues eventually as each time the student will
click on the link to load pop-up window, it would create a new instance
of the movie and just hide it, instead of unloading it.

I am new to AS3 and not sure how to approach this.

Any help you could provide is appreciated!


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