Hi all,

I am trying to drill deeper into Flash player IOError handling in AS3, in
order to distinguish different types of load failures when loading child
swfs and data into a parent swf. For instance, I need to know, and react
differently to, loads errors where the file is missing altogether vs. loads
where severe network congestion mid-load interrupts a load after a part of
the file has been received.

Can anyone offer some deeper information on exactly what initial
condition(s) triggers an IOError event? Is it time-based (no bytes loaded in
N ms), a reaction to a server response, something else? I've been googling
and reading through Adobe docs all morning and haven't seen anything deeper
than the often repeated, but largely unhelpful Adobe line: "FlashR Player
dispatches an IOErrorEvent object when an error causes a send or load
operation to fail." I'm looking for more depth than that. A definition of
"error" and the criteria used to decide the load was a failure, for
instance, would be a good start.

Any info. or  directions to look would be greatly appreciated.


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