I think it all depends on what type of company you want to work for.
Some places will be looking for people with certain kinds of educational
degrees, some will not.  Since my group at Bank of America does
multimedia for learning/training purposes, we look for formalized
degrees in instructional technology in addition to their multimedia and
programming skills.  It really does help in my field.  Other places
really don't care, they just want someone who has an impressive
portfolio, skillset and a passion.  Some companies who get work by
obtaining contracts with say, other companies or the U.S. Government
will want people with degrees, especially graduate degrees because they
are in turn trying to "sell" their employee's skillset they are offering
if they get the work, in order to win the contract.  But take a company
that develops online games - they would probably rather have someone who
has experience developing games, mad programming skills, graphic design
skills, bow hunting skills, etc. than someone who has a formal degree in
computer science.  That said, if you were the hiring manager for a
company like Google, and you were comparing two resumes and they are
both identical in every way, programming, work experience, multimedia
community involvement, graphic design portfolio, etc. etc. and other
factors were the same and the only difference was one had a master's
degree in computer science, the candidate with the degree would have the

So it really depends on what kind of company/entity you want to work
for.  In many cases, you won't need it, but possessing degrees and
certifications would never of course be a negative factor.

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