Hey guys

I'm one of those flash coders that has come into the industry by starting as
an enthusiast while doing print for a living and realising that i had more
affinity with actionscript than many of the people i was talking to in
digital departments and going full-time but I don't have any formal

Do you think it's worth going back to school to get the title, even tho i've
been working in the industry as a full-time programmer for a few years now
or not? And how many of the fc'ers have formal programming/design

The reason I ask is the recent job listing for a senior level flash
programmer on this list that had accepted and preferred qualifications even
though a lot of the syntax that you can learn would be irrelevant within 3/4
years of starting work (tho many of the theory behind them would probably be
valid for a while)?

thanks a lot
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