Hi list,

This should be simple, but for some reason refuses to cooperate. I'm working
in AS3, CS3.
I've got a super class (HsSegment) and a subclass (HsSegment_qtd1), both are
public. In the super class are the definitions for many methods, including
this definition:

protected function mthGetPDataTag(stgInput:String):String
        //...Do stuff and return a String...

In the subclass I've got the call to this method:
var stgEg:String = mthGetPDataTag(stgInput);

 When testing in the IDE this works fine. When testing in the browser I get
a runtime error,
 "ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable
hs.segments.classes:HsSegment_qtd1::mthGetPDataTag is not defined."
I've googled and found plenty of questions around this, but no answers,
other than 'make your classes public', which they are.
The other methods in the super class are defined and called essentially this
same way and work fine in both IDE and browser. What makes this one special?

What am I missing? Any help is appreciated.


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