Are you serious?

How about:
-voice recognition could add an entirely new level of web based interaction
-The ability to transmit the audio data through your own protocol for any number of reasons
-A multitude of apps that need the ability to record audio locally

There are a ton of doors that this would open up for browser based and desktop applications; which, would translate into more jobs for, what is said to be, a very unstable economy.

Eric E. Dolecki wrote:
What do you need this access for, where activityLevel wouldn't serve you?

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 5:17 PM, Anthony Pace <>wrote:

to open the microphone, so we can use computer spectrum, sign up and vote
please, please, please, please, please

I can't believe there are only 85 votes for this; before Adobe takes the
request seriously, they will need at least a few thousand IMHO.
Why can their server and voip applications do this and our applications are
not allowed to? because Adobe is trying to prevent competition.

I would join a class action lawsuit if anyone wants to get one started.
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