I would like to create a time based and very smooth animation with
GTween (or another one).
But I´m used to GTween , though.

here is my code:

var plantaTween = new GTween(planta, 1.5, {y: 414}, {delay: 0.8,
reversed: true, reflect: true, repeat: 999, ease:Quartic.easeInOut});

I´ve read the following examples in Gtween´s documentation and
somewhere else but i can-t quite understand it ......

         GTween.timingMode = GTween.TIME;

at http://www.gskinner.com/blog/archives/2008/08/gtween_a_new_tw.html

should I use:
  plantaTween.timingMode = GTween.TIME;
  GTween.timingMode = GTween.TIME; ?

What does the latter exactly means? it doesn´t do nothing. maybe cause
the default timeInterval property is 25ms. how do i set it ?

the first one throws a reference error Error #1056:

and i-ve seen this also at the documentation

         public static function get timeInterval():uint
         public function set timeInterval(value:uint):void

         public static function get timingMode():String
         public function set timingMode(value:String):void

but cannot figure out how to implement it...

help ! thanks !

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