Hi Isaac,
I've been there too so that's why I decided to drop you al line.

You can use a classpath in flashdevelop that gets referenced in every AS3 project;
Settings->User Classpath ( never used it though, so test please)

You can put a reference there to your own core library.
The classes there should be super generic and reusable / extendable.

You can extend a basic / hgeneric class from that library (for example AbstractSimpleMenu)
within your company project to CompanyXMenu extends AbstractMenu.
Within CompanyXMenu only functions that need to change you can override ,or you can add extra functionallity in there. Per project you can create an swc that holds your skin-assets and embed that swc in your FD project (rightclick, add to library). So export te classes from the flash lib by using "export for AS" and within your FLASH publish settings choose "export swc too".

Now if you can set up the AbstractMenu as such that it always uses a default skin, unless you apply something new to it.

Within CompanyXmenu you can say
this.buttonSkin = new CompanyXButtonSkin()  (from flashlib).
Note that the this.buttonSkin is a setter of the AbstractMenu that you extends.

Sorry not to much time and there's a bunch of other and maybe even cleaner ways, just giving some workflow hints, no exact procedures here.


Isaac Alves wrote:

I'm giving a try on FlashDevelop with Flex SDK, and a lot of things
are new to me . My study background is on Graphic Design, so I know
little about programming.

One of the reasons I´m migrating to FD it is that I would like to
build my own libraries (menus , slideshows, and other stuff) and gain
productivity as well as flexibility.

For example I´ve been creating animations and menus for a lot of
websites, and so far I´m doing it like this:

I use a class I´ve made called SimpleMenu (which I copy, paste and
make changes for each project)

in the FLA file I have a movieclip (which I also copy, paste and make
changes for each project) of a menu Item and sometimes also the
menuSubItem, if needed.

and in the document class of the main .fla file I write something like that:

        public var menuWhatever:SimpleMenu = new SimpleMenu;

        // params: path, xPos, yPos, widthOffset, heightOffset, nColumns
        menuWhatever.createSimpleMenu(String(menuXMLPath), 5, 143, 16, 5, 8);

The point is:

I feel that copy and pasting code and MovieClips from other projects
is not quite the best practice regarding ActionScript.

I believe that I could do this kind of stuff in a more efficient and
organized way by building my own components (SWC files? ) and
associating them to classes, and so on, but I have many doubts and
feel kind of lost and a little overwhelmed.

I would like to get some advices and tips on how to build my own
libraries and components, taking as start point this way of getting
things done that I-ve briefly described...

That´s it, thank you in advance!

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