I'm giving a try on FlashDevelop with Flex SDK, and a lot of things
are new to me . My study background is on Graphic Design, so I know
little about programming.

One of the reasons I´m migrating to FD it is that I would like to
build my own libraries (menus , slideshows, and other stuff) and gain
productivity as well as flexibility.

For example I´ve been creating animations and menus for a lot of
websites, and so far I´m doing it like this:

I use a class I´ve made called SimpleMenu (which I copy, paste and
make changes for each project)

in the FLA file I have a movieclip (which I also copy, paste and make
changes for each project) of a menu Item and sometimes also the
menuSubItem, if needed.

and in the document class of the main .fla file I write something like that:

        public var menuWhatever:SimpleMenu = new SimpleMenu;

        // params: path, xPos, yPos, widthOffset, heightOffset, nColumns
        menuWhatever.createSimpleMenu(String(menuXMLPath), 5, 143, 16, 5, 8);

The point is:

I feel that copy and pasting code and MovieClips from other projects
is not quite the best practice regarding ActionScript.

I believe that I could do this kind of stuff in a more efficient and
organized way by building my own components (SWC files? ) and
associating them to classes, and so on, but I have many doubts and
feel kind of lost and a little overwhelmed.

I would like to get some advices and tips on how to build my own
libraries and components, taking as start point this way of getting
things done that I-ve briefly described...

That´s it, thank you in advance!

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