hi all,

I'm having some problems with a flash+asp app.
it´s just a 30 questions quiz that EACH answer given by the user recorded in a 
sql table(tb1), and the sum of the corrected questions on a 2nd table (tb2).

the code:

I call the asp page using the following code:

lvQuizSnd.sendAndLoad(tempPath + "asp/gravar.asp",lvQuizRec,"POST");
lvQuizRec.onLoad = function(success) {
                               //page accessed ok
acessando asp", strDadosEnviados);

the problem:

I have some users that answers all the 30 questions, but on tb1 (the one that 
should record all the answrrs) I see LESS records than 30, it may be 10, 20 or 

And I know that the user answered all the questions because i have his total 
score (on tb2) that let´s say is 30. he got all right, so I MUST have 30 
records on tb1, and THIS IS NOT HAPPENING

I wasnt able to simulate the error. everytime I try to answr I get all the 
answers recorded.

I want some hints on WHY this is hapening. if it's a problem 
CONNECTING/ACESSING the ASP page as the code implies what could it be?
- too many connections at the same time?
- drop packages?
- timeout?

*what* could I check on server (maybe a log) to see if a request to a asp page 
is not attended, dropped, blocked....

my crap isp is not helping and it just say that the server is normal, which 
obviously is NOT.

Any help/insight will be much appreciated

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