Well remember. It could be your users connection, computer or browser that 
isn't working properly also. Do you have error checks where the data is being 
send and received? When the database is read, updated? Or when a certain part 
of the page loads? You can block entry yourself notifying the user of a wrong 
browser or blocked connection like through a proxy server. Etc. If not, set 
those up and have the results silently write to a log file of your own that you 
can check or even set up the error to be emailed silently to yourself when it 
happens. I've done this in PHP, not ASP but I'm thinking that is the most basic 
stuff so you could probably find resources or example code on the net. 


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On Jan 29, 2013, at 12:50 PM, Rodrigo Augusto Guerra <rodr...@alumni.org.br> 

> hi all,
> I'm having some problems with a flash+asp app.
> it´s just a 30 questions quiz that EACH answer given by the user recorded in 
> a sql table(tb1), and the sum of the corrected questions on a 2nd table (tb2).
> the code:
> I call the asp page using the following code:
> lvQuizSnd.sendAndLoad(tempPath + "asp/gravar.asp",lvQuizRec,"POST");
> lvQuizRec.onLoad = function(success) {
>                if(success){
>                               //page accessed ok
>                }else{
>                               _root.reportError("rodr...@aaa.com","erro 
> acessando asp", strDadosEnviados);
>                }
> }
> the problem:
> I have some users that answers all the 30 questions, but on tb1 (the one that 
> should record all the answrrs) I see LESS records than 30, it may be 10, 20 
> or 2.
> And I know that the user answered all the questions because i have his total 
> score (on tb2) that let´s say is 30. he got all right, so I MUST have 30 
> records on tb1, and THIS IS NOT HAPPENING
> I wasnt able to simulate the error. everytime I try to answr I get all the 
> answers recorded.
> I want some hints on WHY this is hapening. if it's a problem 
> CONNECTING/ACESSING the ASP page as the code implies what could it be?
> - too many connections at the same time?
> - drop packages?
> - timeout?
> *what* could I check on server (maybe a log) to see if a request to a asp 
> page is not attended, dropped, blocked....
> my crap isp is not helping and it just say that the server is normal, which 
> obviously is NOT.
> Any help/insight will be much appreciated
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