Currently, the output filenames for batches always include `batch_time`:

    def gen_filename(self, settings, batch, argset, rep):
        filename = "batch-%s-%s-%s" % (
            batch.get('filename_extra', "%s-%s" % (argset, rep))
        return clean_path(filename)

On one hand, this ensures that output filenames are unique, but on the other 
hand, one can't create stable links to the output filenames that don't change 
between runs, for example in a static HTML or markdown file.

What I could do is add a `filename_no_time` or similar parameter that if set to 
anything "truthy" (maybe if s in [ '1', 'true', 'yes' ]), excludes the time 
from the filename, then it's up to people to properly set `filename_extra`.

Would you be ok if I do that, or do you have any other suggestions for this?

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