*I am forking this question from the "high ping times" issue because they are 
separate thoughts.*

> > > 1. Could flent charts use the `--test-parameter=ping_hosts=...` instead 
> > > of values from the -H host? 

> > Well, it should probably show both by default. For now, there's a separate 
> > plot type you can use to see the extra flows (-p ping_extra). I don't see 
> > how to use the `-p` option. When I use it in `flent --gui -p ping_extra 
> > ...filename.gz` I see the following message:

> From the GUI the ping_extra plot should be selectable in the plot selection 
> box once you've loaded the data file...

I do not see a plot selection box (although I once did in earlier runs). I 
create the ping_hosts using this command:
flent -x -H netperf.bufferbloat.net -t "netperf.bufferbloat.net" 
--te=ping_hosts=gstatic.com --te=download_streams=4 tcp_ndown

I then display the GUI with the following:

bash-3.2$ flent --gui 
Started Flent 1.3.0 using Python 2.7.15.
Initialised matplotlib v2.2.4 on numpy v1.16.5.
qt.qpa.cocoa.window: Window position outside any known screen, using primary 
GUI loaded. Running on PyQt v5.9.2.
<close GUI window>
Might the Python error message influence the appearance of the plot selection 
box? Thanks.

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