Actually, I want the ability to plot the "best"`ping_host` (that is, lowest 
latency host), since that's going to display the biggest variance. A few 
milliseconds of additional bloat added to the 90msec from my house to Fremont 
is easy to ignore. Tacking a few milliseconds onto 16msec from Cloudflare's DNS 
shows a significant delta - and worth reporting.

For example, here are ping times for various hosts from my house and (in 
paren's from in Atlanta):

* ~90msec (~53msec)
* ~40msec (~30 microseconds - Duh :-)
* and (Google's all-purpose host and DNS) is ~21-22msec 
* Cloudflare's (anycast address, I suspect) is ~16msec (< 300 

So my preference would be to have a way to tell Flent to use ping times from 
another host besides the -H host. 

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