Hi list and niall 

Special thanks for you Niall again.

Here is one of my last question about flex and then it will be ok. 
I would like to backup only certains files but not all the directory
Is it possible ??
I think not but maybe.
Thanks for reply 

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CHEVALIER, Erwan wrote:
> It's ok.
> Success.
> Yes, Thanks for all Niall
> So now parameters working.
> In order to all understand, what is the difference between nst0 and st0.
> Someone had explain to me:
> St0: When you backup the device rewind then after each record.
> Not on st0.
> If it's true how it can block a test??
> This is the last question for you Master .
> Bye and thanks again. 

Hi Erwan,

The non-rewinding device (nst0) allows multiple archives on one tape.
During the test, flexbackup writes several files to tape.
Then it compares them back against where they should be on tape:
e.g. It counts 2 records forward and then compares the third file.

The difference comes when you write multiple files:

NST0 += FILE 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
NST0 += FILE 1 -= | = FILE 2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
NST0 += FILE 1 -= | = FILE 2 -= | = FILE 3 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+ NST0 +=
FILE 1 -= | = FILE 2 -= | = FILE 3 -= | = FILE 4 -=-=-=-=+

ST0  += FILE 1  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
ST0  += FILE 2  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
ST0  += FILE 3  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+
ST0  += FILE 4  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=+

Now when you compare FILE 1 on disk to FILE 1 on tape, it is succesful for
/dev/nst0, but fails for /dev/st0 as FILE 1 != FILE 4

flexbackup should really trap that particular error, and suggest that you use
the non-rewinding device.
It is however, clearly marked in the config.

Good luck with your restore,

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> flexbackup-help@lists.sourceforge.net
> Objet : RE: [flexbackup-help] blksize parameters
> Hi Erwan,
> thanks for your perseverance.
> Your config file is still set to
> $device = '/dev/st0'  ; though,
> It really HAS to be the non rewinding device, /dev/nst0
> On my system, this error gives the same error that you are seeing.
> Niall


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