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> Here is one of my last question about flex and then it will be ok. 
> I would like to backup only certains files but not all the directory
You can do this in one or two ways.

You can use
$prune{'/'} = "tmp proc";
to leave out directories.

Flexbackup works better when you think in terms
of excluding what you don't want backed up,
but the regular expression match will allow you do that.
You could reverse the exclude_expr.

$exclude_expr[0] = '^.*jpg';
will only backup files ending in jpg.
Don't try this with multiple expressions,
and remember it won't work with 'dump'.

To backup multiple runs to one tape,
change this setting:
$erase_tape_set_level_zero = 'false';

You will need to initialise your tapes with
flexbackup -newtape
but you should now be able to append backups.
I don't use it myself, as I run multiple locations
within the same set and just do one set.


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