I seem to be having some serious problems getting flexbackup to exclude the 
directories I have in my prune list.

I have as machine with several others mounted in /mnt and am trying to backup 
the important data on them to tape.

My setup looks like...

$set{'local'} = "/";
$set{'cxaa'} = "/mnt/cxaa";
$set{'xacom4'} = "/mnt/xacom4";
$set{'xacomfs1'} = "/mnt/xacomfs1";

where local basically gets everything and the others should let me chose an 
individual machine if I want to go that way.

The prunes are as follows...

$prune{'/'} = "tmp proc var bin sbin lib dev usr 'lost+found'";
$prune{'/mnt/cxaa'} = "mnt tmp proc tapedir var bin sbin xemacs lib dev 
$prune{'/mnt/cxaa/usr'} = "tmp lib bin sbin spol test  local diag hung";
$prune{'/mnt/xacom4'} = "mnt tmp proc var bin sbin lib dev cdrom install 
$prune{'/mnt/xacom4/usr'} = "tmp bin sbin lib local man fmc2 lpd lbin";
$prune{'/mnt/xacomfs1'} = "tmp registry backups";
$prune{'/mnt/xacomfs1/documents'} =  "'1-to review then delete' 
Temp 'Temporary Transfer Location' Testing VET 'WInzip 8.0' 'Social Events' 
Year2000 teemp Logs Projects_Backup";

As I understand it, this should remove the directories mentioned here from the 
list.. however.. 

when I do a flexbackup -set local

I get

./var, ./lost+found, ./usr etc etc.. in the list of files being backed up.

What do I have wrong??


Peter Nunn.

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