I'm using flexbackup on my OpenBSD box.  I wanted flexbackup to support
being able to mount remote filesystems via. NFS, do the backup, and then
unmount them again.  Handling any failure conditions appropriately, of
course :)

Since neither OpenBSD was correctly supported (find does not support -regex
on OpenBSD), and mounting via. NFS was supported, I added both :)

The patch for this support is available at:

Note, this enables support for using NFS within the sets, nowhere else in
the file.  Basically instead of using rsh/ssh, it will use nfs.

There are a few new options added to the config file, they are:

$remotestyle    - values are 'shell' or 'nfs' (using 'shell' will have all
remote entries listed in sets use ssh/rsh, 'nfs' will try to mount them,
defaults to 'nfs').
$nfs_mount      - The command to use to mount your NFS partition (defaults
to just 'mount', but you can use this to add arguments to this command).
$nfs_umount     - The command to unmount the mounted NFS partition (defaults
to 'umount').
$nfs_mountpoint - Where we want to mount the NFS partition to (defaults to

Also, for OpenBSD support, you will be required to have egrep and tr on your
system (they're standard utilities, so they should exist).

Hope you find it useful :)

PreZ :)

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