I have flexbackup running to make a diff every week on a different 
partition. This diff is then ftp'd to an external fileserver. If this is 
succesfull I have a copy of the complete server, so I'd like flexbackup 
to start making diff-backups from that point on. How do I do this 
without making a full backup first, am I missing something obvious here?

I'd think I would have to use flexbackup -newtape, is this correct? It 
throws me the following error which is a config-problem I guess...

*> flexbackup -newtape*

flexbackup version 1.2.1 (http://flexbackup.sourceforge.net)
/etc/flexbackup.conf syntax OK

 $buffer not found in config: default=false

 sudo afio not found in $PATH

thanks in advance...


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