I'm new to backups. Could someone please tell me how this all works. I 
want to do a full backup of all my data in my home directory and then 
have flexbackup execute an incremental backup once per day, ideally on 
shutting the machine down, i.e. everytime i shut the machine down, it 
should be checked whether a backup was already done on the same day and 
if not, start the backup. I also want old backups to be deleted, i.e. 
all backup older than five days. Of course I wouldnt want to have a full 
backup deleted if the latest incremental backup depends on it, so these 
things should also be checked. Also I want to know how I can restore 
backed up data.
I've done an experimental full backup of my /home/sancho directory and 
saw that the file created is even bigger (60 GB) than the whole original 
directory it was meant to backup (49.4 GB). Whats the reason for that?
Hope to find help in here!


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