One of my backup sets is designed to back up the whole of four systems -
the four that are always at home and always on, running a system that
flexbackup can handle.

A full backup of this set runs OK manually, but when run from cron,
stopped working during one of the larger filesystems.

An incremental backup of the set runs OK either manually or from cron.

The log for the failed full backup simply came to an abrupt end. The log
was bounced as "too large to mail".

How can I tell why it stopped? Could it be that it is trying to do too
much? I am wondering how I can get round this problem, as flexbackup can
only be run once at any one time.

If it is indeed too large, I will probably need to divide the job, and
that will need some way to delay the next part until the first part is
finished. If there is another cause, though, I hope it will be simple
enough to fix.

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