On Sun, Oct 07, 2007 at 08:00:17PM +1000, Tim Bates wrote:
> Quite possibly it's generating too much output for cron to be happy, and
> cron is killing the job. Incremental backups should in theory have much
> fewer files, so much less output.
> Try running with " > /dev/null" at the end of the command line to stop
> it printing non-errors out.
Hmmm... yes, the thought did spring to mind.

I will see about that next month, or if I manage to get the laptop done.
(I need that to be on, at home and running Linux - I have to run Windows
on it for work purposes.)

Of course, I could try putting flexbackup on it too, to generate the
data. I will work on that plan and also see whether I could do something
similar with my partner's Windows box. It does have cygwin on it but I
am having trouble accessing it by smb.

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