Is there a way to essentially disable the rowCount property of an 
accordion and just have it show as much content (including partial 
rows) in the vertical space that is available?  I'm finding that if I 
set a rowCount which takes up less space than the expanded section has 
available I get an annoying thin gray bounding box and the scroll bar 
only extends down that far.  I have dead space below that before the 
collapsed accordion headers are displayed.  If I set my rowCount to be 
large enough to take up more space than there is my scrollbar is 
screwed up - there's no slider or up/down arrow visible.

Does this make sense?  I really want to specify no rowCount and have it 
show as much as possible based on the height available.  (I need to fix 
the height of the overall accordion component to fit the design layout.)

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