Apologies if this has been covered, but the group's search feature isn't 
working for me (it's throwing server too busy errors).

I have one project that isn't cooperating when I try to export a release build 
and enable source view.  I have the box checked and it creates the srcview 
folder, but all the required files are not generated.  When you load up the 
index.html file it attempts to load a main.mxml.html file into the right hand 
frame.  That main.mxml.html file was not generated by the Flex IDE.  (Yes, my 
main application file is indeed called main.mxml.)  For several of my other 
projects I'm not having this problem and all the view source components are 
generated.  I still get the ZIP file for this poroblem project and some of the 
other folders, but there are NO files in the base srcview/source folder (just 
some subfolders).

Any ideas?  I need to get this resolved as I'm hoping to use this code sample 
as part of an interview. 


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