Hi, I've used the common examples to skin my components. So that's going ok. 
But now I want to be able to centralize and reuse pieces.

The most simple thing I may want to do is reuse a shape. 

<s:Path data="V 20 L 20 10 Z" horizontalCenter="0" verticalCenter="0">
<s:LinearGradient rotation="90">
<s:GradientEntry color="0x000000" alpha=".9"/>
<s:GradientEntry color="0x000000" alpha=".9"/>

Can I save that path in some way? Do I need to make it it's own skin?

It looks like I can put components in my skins... is that true?

Thanks, I've looked around a bit and am trying to understand some of the finer 
points of skinning.


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