I posted another post with the same question, but that post was not clear. So 
here is the update.

In short, I have the same code works in Web, Framework 3.5 AIR, but not 
Framework 4.1 AIR.

Environment first: Flash Builder 4.1, AIR 2.6

I have a PHP page which insert records to DB, takes 2 minutes to run, I have 
already configured and tested on PHP side, it worked.

When I call it using AIR application (using AIR 2.6, Framework 4.1), it return 
faults after 30 seconds, within IDE as well as after release.

However, I take the same code to web, still using Framework 4.1, it worked as 
expected; I also run the code with AIR application (Air 2.0, Framework 3.5), it 
worked as well.

So the only thing not work is Framework 4.1, AIR 2.6. That is where I don't 

Once again, no problem on server side, already tested within browser as well as 
Flex Web application, Flex 3.5 Air application.

So any ideas? The code is here, as you can see, I even set requestTimeout to 
300 seconds:

        var ws:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
        ws.requestTimeout = 300;
        ws.useProxy = false;
        ws.url = "http://localhost:85/test.php";;
        ws.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, fault );
        ws.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, result);

Thanks very much!


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