Hi George,

Well, the difference between AIR & browser is explainable, as HTTPService 
piggybacks the browser's API, while AIR uses it's own.

A quick googling shows that there are related issues with RemoteObject calls in 
AIR 2.0

PS I don't want to change the subject and the problem itself, but database 
script which runs for 2 mins does not sound right to me. It should take no more 
than a second to insert 2000 rows. You can check the indexes and triggers on 
the tables involved. 


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> I posted another post with the same question, but that post was not clear. So 
> here is the update.
> In short, I have the same code works in Web, Framework 3.5 AIR, but not 
> Framework 4.1 AIR.
> Environment first: Flash Builder 4.1, AIR 2.6
> I have a PHP page which insert records to DB, takes 2 minutes to run, I have 
> already configured and tested on PHP side, it worked.
> When I call it using AIR application (using AIR 2.6, Framework 4.1), it 
> return faults after 30 seconds, within IDE as well as after release.
> However, I take the same code to web, still using Framework 4.1, it worked as 
> expected; I also run the code with AIR application (Air 2.0, Framework 3.5), 
> it worked as well.
> So the only thing not work is Framework 4.1, AIR 2.6. That is where I don't 
> understand.
> Once again, no problem on server side, already tested within browser as well 
> as Flex Web application, Flex 3.5 Air application.
> So any ideas? The code is here, as you can see, I even set requestTimeout to 
> 300 seconds:
>       var ws:HTTPService = new HTTPService();
>       ws.requestTimeout = 300;
>       ws.useProxy = false;
>       ws.url = "http://localhost:85/test.php";;
>       ws.addEventListener(FaultEvent.FAULT, fault );
>       ws.addEventListener(ResultEvent.RESULT, result);
>       ws.send();
> Thanks very much!
> George

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