Embedding the ActionScript in the .mxml file is fine up to a point.  Now
I've got quite a bit of logic dealing with the handling of DnD on an
mx:DataGrid and I would like to move that code into a .as file just to
keep my sanity and to take advantage of the outline feature of the IDE.
I may also be able to use it (or subclass it) to handle the similar
actions on a List.


I'm not really certain of the "right" way to go about that and to be
able to reference all the id's within the remaining mxml.  Similarly, I
would like to be able to listen for the events from the mxml without
having to define and dispatch custom events.


This is probably basic stuff for those of you who are really into the
technology, but I could use a jump start - even a link to a reasonable
tutorial would be fine.


FWIW I'm using 4.1 and plan to upgrade to 4.5 as soon as I get some
breathing room in my deadlines.


Thanks in Advance,



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