Cool. If it really happens exactly every other time, then that is good
information to work with. Does it matter if you just restarted the IDE?
Does it matter if you did a clean or just saved a file with "build
automatically" on, etc? When you restart your machine? Then you need to
determine whether it's the first build or the second build that is
suffering - if it's the first then something might be happening out of
order and is only there by the time the second build comes. If it's the
second then the first might be leaving junk around like hanging on to
resources or something.

Though I suppose if you're using Flash Builder it shouldn't really be your
responsibility to spend hours debugging it.

2011/11/7 Merrill, Jason <>

> **
> Both my co-worker and I get this message on every other build in debug
> mode.  It’s strange, it doesn’t happen every time, just every OTHER time we
> run in Debug mode.   ****
> ** **
> Errors occurred during the build.****
>   Errors running builder 'Integrated External Tool Builder' on project
> 'KPL-R v4'.****
>     The file does not exist for the external tool named ASDoc
> Configuration [Builder].****
>   The file does not exist for the external tool named ASDoc Configuration
> [Builder].****
> ** **
> Any ideas on how to fix this?  Re-installing is not easy because our
> licenses are managed via enterprise Tivoli pushes and it’s a lot of red
> tape to make it happen.  ****
> ** **
> Thanks,****
> ** **
> Jason****
> ** **
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