If found that <widget>.errorString=null clears the red border while setting it 
to a value displays it.


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this occurs due to validation errors. in ur case i think while rendering it 
focus in ur component and on focus out it validates ur component. i havent 
tried it but i think u can use initialize property of the component to stop 
validation at initialization process. Or u can assign the validator to that 
component after all components have been rendered.

i will try to find out more and will let u know.




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Can you give an example of how you’ve written your validator?  I’m suspecting 
it is on how you defined the trigger.


Michael J. Regert


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It's a focus border.
Usually, it's blue. I'm not sure how it's red in your case!
You can change the color following this example.
Thanks to Peter Dehaan for his great tip.

OR you can hide this by using the property: focusAlpha
<mx:TextInput id="txtInput" focusAlpha="0"/>

Good luck.

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> When I display my Form elements (TextInput, Combox, etc) the red error
> border is shown right away before the user even types into it. Why is this
> happening? How can I prevent it from showing a red error border when it's
> first displayed?


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