On 10/01/2012 22:39, Guy Morton wrote:

The OP has said what it's doing - a firmware update. It takes 2-3 minutes. It's not a db transaction.

Ah, I missed that. In that case the bar with enter_frame/timer will do the trick.

Thanks for the explanation.


On 11/01/2012, at 4:01 AM, Paul Andrews wrote:

On 10/01/2012 16:46, Venkat M wrote:

My application will try to connect to a java framework, which in turn calls some scripts to execute on a server. If it is a firmware update script that is called, it will typically wait for 2-3 minutes before the update on the server is complete. So I have to keep user understand that process is going on (or else, they may think the system is hanged or not responding with 2 minutes of spinning), to provide some understandably, I am thinking of static pooling a progress bar for 2-3 (standard time which we know) minutes that looks more user friendly. What say?

I have never worked on a server that took two or three minutes to update. Usually more than a few seconds is considered unacceptable.

Where there have been operations performed on the server that take a long time, I usually have status changes informing the user what is happening. For example, on one system, multiple printouts initiated by differrent users were queued for printing. Each job included a processing element, so the jobhas various statuses QUEUED/ACTIVE/PRINTING/PRINTED/PAUSED/CANCELLED and the user had access to those statuses. I don't know if such a system would apply here, or you just have a very bad database server doing incredibly slow updates.

What is your server doing?




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    On 10/01/2012 09:17, claudiu ursica wrote:
    Are you sure it is exactly 2 minutes?
    DO you really need to show progress? A spinning animation might
    suit you better, keep it spinning until the load is done.

    It would just look like the application had hung.

    As Rick suggested, two minutes is a very long time. What is it
    that takes two minutes to be ready?

    If it's a database query, I'd suggest sorting out the server,
    because two minutes is a ridiculous amount of time to be waiting
    for a result.

    It really looks like your application has a fundamental problem.



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    I have a scenario in my application.
    I know that the wait time for the response is 2 minutes.
    Can someone let me know how we can run a progress bar for 2
    minutes loading from 0% to 100% in the same 2 minutes?
    Is there a better way to indicate the wait for 2 minutes? (This
    is a fixed wait time)


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