I'm in the process of developing a realtime video chat application where
multiple users can send video streams simultanuously. The number of users
receiving the streams can be very big, e.g. 10 broadcasters and 500
receivers, each receiver should get all streams.

I use RTMFP connections to an FMS and streams are published in P2P
multicast groups by passing the groupspec to the NetStream constructor.
Currently I'm having problems with audio/video synchronization and video
stream 'jumps' (not continuous). From what I read in the internet, this is
related to the fact that there is not enough upstream bandwidth for sending
the streams. So my questions are:

   1. How to calculate the required upstream bandwidth on every peer for
   the given example of 10 broadcasters and 500 receivers (is it 10*bandwidth
   of one stream)?
   2. What settings (on NetStream, Camera, Microphone etc.) should be used
   for best results and how to adapt them based on the number of broadcasters?

I hope my questions make sense!


Haykel Ben Jemia

Web & Mobile Development

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