I have a form that includes a component.  The form includes selection
criteria and a search button.  When the user clicks the search button, I
want to enable the component and populate a grid of the results of the
search.  Taking baby steps, the first thing I want to do is the



                Select office:
Select    Name    Case      Office

                Select case:
[ ]            x              x              x

                Select from date:
[ ]            y              y              y

                Select to date:
[ ]            z              z              z

                Search Btn

Start      End        Stuff      More Stuff

1              1              1              1

2              2              2              2


The results and details sections (in same component) are disabled until
a user selects stuff.  Step one is to enable the component when the
search button is clicked and all the edit checks are passed.


I was thinking of passing a boolean in the component bound to a variable
that is defaulted to false and set to true in the search button code,
but that didn't work.  I couldn't find a property of the component that
could be set in the search button click event.





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