What version of Flex SDK?  This sounds like an old bug.

From: Dave Glasser <dglas...@pobox.com<mailto:dglas...@pobox.com>>
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Date: Thursday, June 13, 2013 8:57 AM
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Subject: [flexcoders] UIFTETextField - randomly disappearing lines

I have a UIFTETextField that is displaying a line of text 115 characters long. 
I set its width to 300 with wordwrap enabled, and it wraps the text into 3 
lines. The weird thing is that any or all of the lines may be invisible when 
this object is displayed. Sometimes you'll see the first and third lines with a 
blank line between them, other times maybe two blank lines followed by the 
visible third line, other times all three are blank.

Has anyone ever encountered something like this? I checked the bug tracker for 
UIFTETextField and its parent class, FTETextField, and didn't find any bug 
report on this.

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